Why You Should Use Bacterial Culture Treatments

Being the owner of a septic tank can be difficult. Especially if you’re not aware of the processes that ensure its continued operation. One of these essential processes is the presence of bacteria in the tank. This is why a large number of professionals recommend using bacterial culture treatments to aid in the maintenance of your septic tanks.

Why Bacterial Culture Treatments Matter

You may be wondering why a large number of professionals will recommend using a bacterial culture in your tank. The answer is simple: it comes with a number of great benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise have if you didn’t use the treatment. We’ve listed some of these benefits down so you know exactly what you’re getting when you use a bacterial culture to treat your tank.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Septic Tank

This may come as a surprise for most, but bacterial cultures can easily extend the lifespan of your septic tank. This is because it ensures that the other processes that occur in the tank happen smoothly. These include the processing of waste and also the pushing of waste to sewer lines.

Ensure that The Bacteria In Your Tank Stay Active

We’ve mentioned earlier that the bacteria in your tank are essential to operation of your septic tank. Some chemicals like bleach or acids that are pushed into the tank will inevitably kill off some of these bacteria and weaken the bacterial force that’s dissolving waste in the tank. If the  number of bacteria in your tank drops too low, then it will take far longer for waste to be dissolved. This is why bacterial cultures are important to add to the tank in case you’re afraid of this happening. Bacterial cultures added into the tank add more of these helpful bacteria to help in degrading waste. 

Quicker Waste Biodegradation

An essential quality of a good septic tank is to be able to dissolve the waste in it. This is because the longer waste lingers in the tank the easier it is for it to be filled up and cause a blockage in one of the connecting pipes. This is especially true for food service businesses where waste constantly goes in and out of a tank. A single blockage could cause time to stop in your business and you will have to close up shop while the blockage is removed because of the awful smell. 

With a bacterial culture treatment, the waste that’s in the tank will be dissolved faster due to the increased number of bacteria. This lets you conduct business as usual for longer periods of time and set schedules for pumping the tank on your terms and not when a sudden blockage forces your business to close.

Save Money On Repairs and Pumping

One of the biggest problems of most businesses or homeowners when it comes to owning the septic tank is having to hire someone to pump or repair a tank, or have to deal with it themselves. This isn’t going to be a constant problem if you’re using bacterial culture treatments on your tanks. It ensures that you have to spend less time and money on these things. 

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