When to Get a Septic Tank Inspection

Your home is a very big investment and in order to maintain it in good condition, it needs to be checked regularly for damages. The same goes for your septic tank. As much as this is something most people don’t want to deal with, you can’t completely forget about it either. It is a part of your home that requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly.

When should you request for a septic tank inspection?

There are several signs you can’t ignore.

When purchasing a house, you have to request for a septic tank inspection before you decide to buy the property. Septic tanks can have a serious effect on your family’s health hence you should make sure it is functioning properly.
If you notice signs of anything unusual such as bad of odors from your drain or toilets. A well-functioning septic system won’t emit bad odors; so this is a sure sign that there is a problem.
A weak or sluggish flushing on your toilet or shower drains or even your sink. This could mean a clog in the septic system and needs to be fixed right away.
If you notice a wet spot or a lush growth in any part of your drain field. This can mean that a pipe is ruptured or clogged and has caused your pipes to burst.
If you are planning to make some major changes to your homes. It can either mean additional load to your septic tank or you would want to avoid building structures near your drain field.

There are two types of septic inspection; visual and full. During a visual inspection, they will be on the lookout for signs of damage or leaks. During a full inspection, they usually do a septic tank pumping and drain field monitoring.

For any of the above signs, contact a professional right away to conduct a inspection and help fix the problem as soon as possible.

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