What to Expect with Vault Toilets and other Pumped Toilets

If you are the adventurous type, chances are you’ll always find yourself headed outdoors. When you’re in a remote site where running water isn’t available, you may find vault toilets.

How does it work and what should you expect when using it? Let’s find out.  

What you need to know about vault toilets…

A vault toilet is a non-flush toilet which is constructed with a vault or sealed container that is buried deep down in the ground. This sealed container collects all the human wastes and store these underground until it’s time to be pumped out.

The idea in vaulted toilets is to have a functional toilet for areas which don’t have access to proper waste facilities. When you use this type of toilet, don’t ever forget to close the lid after you’re done. The odors locked within the vault can escape if you forget to close them!  

The vaults are typically 750 to 1000 gallons in size but there are also some large size vaults that can store up to 13,000 gallons of human waste. Usually, vault toilets are installed by burying the vault deep in the ground. In order to make the toilet system permanent and odor free, a concrete slab is placed directly over the vault. The building or the housing will then be constructed on top of the concrete slab with all the connections to the vault for the toilet and the ventilation pipes.

Depending on how these vault toilets are constructed, they can offer privacy and comfort. Lights or dispensers can be installed. There are also portable plastic type vaulted toilets which can be very useful for special events held outdoors.

Do note however, that since vault toilets are self-contained, they need to be periodically cleaned, emptied and sanitized. Faulty ventilation system in vaulted toilets can cause it to develop odor problems.

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