What to Expect When Having a Septic Tank Inspection

As a homeowner, one should be aware of the maintenance tasks which are needed to be carried out in all parts of the household—and that includes the septic tank.

It is important to schedule a septic tank inspection when you observe signs of problems as immediately as possible. It is recommended to have the septic system be inspected once a year or when the property is going to be put on sale. A well-managed septic system increases the property’s value.

This blog summarizes what to expect when having a septic tank inspection.

Before the Inspection

 Prepare your registration certificate.

 Locate the septic system.

In order to locate this, you may:

 Check the “as-built” drawing of your property.

 If it’s previously owned, you have to contact the previous owner.

 Newer tanks have risers that can be found above the ground surface.

 Use a metal detector.

 It can also help to look for the greenest grass in the yard as this is usually above the septic tank.

 Get all the paperwork available regarding the installation, repair, maintenance and improvement of your septic system.

During the Inspection

 The inspector will ask you some questions relating to your septic system.

 He will look for your registration certificate along with all the other paperwork.

 The inspector will then check for your piping system if there are leaks or excess of sludge present.

 He will also check for the drains if wastewater are entering the septic system

 All other signs of problems will be checked such as unpleasant odors or noise in the system.

After the Inspection

 If the inspection shows that your septic system is working properly, you will be receiving a copy of a report of compliance.

 If there are problems, the inspector will be informing you. Also, he will be handing you a copy of repot with and a 21-day advisory notice. You will have to ask for help from experts to solve the issues in your septic system.

 After you finished the necessary actions, you will have your system be re- inspected to confirm, amend and cancel the advisory notice.
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