What is a Vault Toilet?

Vault toilets are revolutionized outhouses. It is a more comfortable and much nicer version of a pit. It makes no use of water and still basically has a hole with a seat over it. These vault toilets are commonly seen in parks and in areas where there is limited access to water. The waste is stored in the tank directly underneath the hole. It can store up to a thousand gallons of human waste before it needs emptying. They have invented ways to keep it from stinking such as specially designed roof or a vent to keep the air flow moving.

Pros of vault toilets
It has no need for water. You don’t need water since you don’t need to flush it. It’s very economical and convenient for places where there is limited water or limited access to water.
It is very cheap. Basically, since it involves a very simple process, vault toilets are generally cheaper than most types of toilet.
Offers more privacy and comfort. Definitely offers more privacy than pit toilets of outhouses. Some vault toilets even have powered lights and hand sanitizers. They are also well ventilated so that the toilet doesn’t smell.
There are many types of vault toilets available. There are portable toilets for events. There are polyethylene made, to a wood frame and reinforced concrete. You can also choose between single vault toilets to double vault toilets for men and women.

Cons of vault toilets
Must be emptied periodically to keep it sanitary. Although modern vault toilets are now designed to keep it from emitting a foul odor, the tanks need to be serviced and emptied.

Although there are some people who are still not sold out with vault toilet due to its similarities with outhouses, this is still a very convenient option for waterless toilets in campsites and recreational areas.

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