Unusual Toilets You May Find Outdoors

You’re out again and about to explore the wilderness when you feel the need to poop. You may find toilets outdoor but to your surprise, although it looks like a normal toilet, it operates differently.

We have gathered here some of the toilet types you can find outdoors and guide in how to use them.
  1. Plastic Bag Toilet

This can be the easiest form of improvised human waste holding. Plastic bag toilets are very portable and inexpensive. These are useful when camping. Basically, a plastic bag toilet catches your poop and then you dispose it in the trash. You have the option to bury or burn the bags afterwards.
  1. Incinerating Toilet

Incinerating toilets can be shocking to use at first if you have never seen one before. This type of toilet eliminates the difficulty of disposing human waste as it only produces about a spoonful of ash per human excreta. What it does to your poop is that it burns it. One plus side of this is that the ash is sterile and odor-free. It can also be a fertilizer after because all the nutrients are still intact. There will be a lever that drops your waste into an incinerator.
  1. Composting Toilet

Composting toilets decompose organic matter and turns human waste into compost. In these toilets, you are just pooping into a deep enclosed container with high concentration of microbes to speed up the degradation of the waste, removing harmful pathogens, and finally converts it into useful fertilizer. In using these, there are carbon additives like sawdust, coconut coir or peat moss to be used after. This promotes aerobic decomposition. Furthermore, it reduces potential order as it improves to carbon to nitrogen ratio. Please note that the lid must be closed so the foul odor won’t come out.
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