Understanding Why Bacteria are Septic Safe

Many people get confused and question why there are bacterial treatments for their septic system. This blogs hope to shed light on this matter. After you finish reading this, we hope you get the whole picture why bacteria are needed by your septic system. Most of the problems in septic systems such as foul odors, odd gurgling and sucking noises and clogs are caused by imbalance in bacterial levels in the septic tank.

Our septic system relies on bacteria for proper operation. It is designed to use bacteria and enzymes to digest solid wastes, grease, fats, oils and even detergents.

This digestion process takes place in your septic tank. If not for bacteria, solid wastes along with all other wastes in your tank won’t get liquified and can in turn cause major problems in your septic system.

There are many types of bacteria present in your septic system.

Generally, these are classified into aerobic or anaerobic bacteria.

Aerobic bacteria

Aerobic bacteria are the ‘oxygen loving’ bacteria. They need oxygen in order to survive. These bacteria are more efficient in digesting wastes. By having more aerobic bacteria, a failing septic system can be saved. Also, they don’t produce foul odors from digesting solid wastes which is good for your septic system. Also, aerobic bacteria can reproduce and consume organic at a very high rate.

Anaerobic bacteria

Most septic systems, especially those which are not well-ventilated have more anaerobic bacteria than aerobic ones. Anaerobic bacteria are the ‘oxygen hating’ bacteria. They produce foul smelling hydrogen sulfide gas after digesting solid wastes.

What can you do to maintain the balance of bacteria in your septic system?

As a homeowner you need to be mindful of what goes into your septic system if you want it to perform efficiently. For a start you can avoid using toxic chemicals and antibacterial cleaning products. Check out our products at Microbialogic. Our SDB 500 contains concentrated and specialized blend of microorganisms specifically selected and adapted to maintain septic system health and proper drain flow. Order now!
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