Understanding the Effects of Bacterial Cultures on Your Septic Tank

Bacterial cultures are a biological marvel that lets home and business owners harness the power of bacteria to help their septic tanks. But how exactly do they help your septic tank in the long run? We’re here to answer that in today’s article!

What Can Bacterial Cultures Do for Your Septic Tank?

Bacterial cultures are often recommended for septic tanks. However, not many will know the reason why these bacterial cultures are often recommended, let alone how they work. So we want to shed some light on the topic.

Quickly and Easily Decompose Waste

A septic tank’s main use is to hold the waste that comes in through your sewage system. Without it, your system could become backed up and unable to push waste into the main sewers. However, a septic tank that’s full may as well not exist as it creates the same problem. Bacterial cultures help prevent this issue by accelerating the breakdown of waste in the tank and making sure that the flow of effluent is constant.

Minimize The Unsavory Odor of the Tank

One of the worst experiences you will have when dealing with a septic tank is having to deal with the awful odor emanating from it. You’re often going to encounter it when maintenance happens or if the tank breaks down. Luckily bacterial cultures help minimize the foul odors coming from the tank and it’s contents.

Prevent Harmful Bacteria from Growing in The Tank

Bacteria is an essential part of a septic tank’s decomposing process. However, some types of bacteria can cause the foul odors to intensify, preventing the growth of the right types of bacteria, and even harboring disease-causing bacteria and viruses . Adding in a bacterial culture prevents this by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the system, while also minimizing the growth of bad bacteria.

Bacterial Cultures Helps Minimize the Effect of Grease on the Tank

One of the worst things that you can flush into a septic tank is grease. Even worse is that many food oriented businesses will have no issues sending grease into the tank despite the issues it can cause. It can easily harden and seal off portions of the tank. It can also minimize the maximum capacity of the tank by hardening and taking up space that could’ve been used for other waste. However, bacterial cultures can be the solution to this problem.

Grease is something that bacterial cultures can easily break down. This means that most of the grease won’t be able to harden fast enough for it to block any pipes. Bacterial cultures can also slowly break down already hardened grease.


Bacterial cultures have a number of great effects on commercial and private septic tanks. The amount of benefits it provides outweighs the cons, so you should make sure that you consider using these bacterial cultures and helping your septic tank.

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