Top 5 Septic Tank Myths Debunked

A septic tank is one of the most important parts of the home. This is due to it fulfilling a task that is rather unpleasant to deal with. That is to store the waste of the people living there. However, myths regarding septic tanks are common thanks to the hands-off nature of many owners.

Septic Tank Myths and Legends That You Should Know About

Myths and legends are common throughout human history. Old wive’s tales as others would call it. This is no different for the humble septic tank which has a number of myths associated with it. Some of these myths can be dangerous for the future of your septic tank and can cause it to fail prematurely. This is why we’re here to debunk some of the most common septic tank myths you’re going to encounter. 

Myth#1 You Need To “Seed” Your Brand New Septic Tank

You might be wondering what we mean by “seeding” your new septic tank. What we mean is putting in manure, or yeast to get the processes in a septic tank started. This is completely unnecessary for your septic tank as it will start working as soon as it is installed.

Myth#2 Acidic or Basic Products Like Vinegar or Bleach Are Good for Your Septic Tank

Using acidic or basic products like vinegar or bleach to clean out your septic tank is one of the most dangerous myths on this list.What you should take note of when you’re using a septic tank is the fact that they use extremely sensitive bacteria to work properly. If you flush these types of products down into the tank, then you’re going to kill off these bacteria that’s doing all the work. Avoid using these products and instead use products designed to promote the growth of these waste eating bacteria.

Myth#3 You Don’t Need to Pump Your System if It Is Properly Maintained

This is flat out wrong as pumping your septic system is part of proper maintenance. Pumping your septic tank will ensure that waste that can’t be broken down can be removed while also emptying out your tank faster than bacteria can digest everything.

Myth#4 You Need To Replace a Clogged Septic Tank as It is Impossible to Repair

Septic tanks are sensitive pieces of machinery. However, that does not mean that they can’t be replaced. Clogs in your tank can be difficult to deal with however, with a technique called “jetting” these tanks can be brought back to full operation for many more years to come. 

Myth#5 A Full Tank Means You Need To Pump It

What you don’t realize is that a septic tank will spend the majority of its lifespan already filled. A family or business could easily fill their tank with water and waste that would fill it to the brim. However, this doesn’t mean you need to pump it as soon as it’s full. It just means you need to give it time to process the water and waste and push it into the sewers. 

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