The Signs You Have a Septic System Failure

When you have forgotten or overlooked about your septic system maintenance tasks for many years, there would be an increased chance that it can fail at some point.

If the damage to your septic system has become severe, there will be signs that tell you that it is high time to have it fixed or replaced. A septic system failure can result to untreated sewage to come back up or be transported to other places. Another dangerous risk of a failing septic system is to cause untreated sewage to reach into the ground water.

Follow this guide to be informed about the signs to watch for to know if your septic system is already failing.

1. The Foul Smell

You don’t need to have a perfect sense of smell to be able to determine if it’s coming from your septic system. The stench can be very unpleasant that you can instantly identify that it is really from your septic system. When untreated sewage has escaped the tank, you’ll be able to distinguish it easily because what you are smelling is toxic sulfur!

2. Your toilet just won’t flush.

Have you been experiencing difficulty in flushing your toilets? It could be a sign that there is something wrong with your septic system. It could be already full or there is a clog in the pipes.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Pit Toilets and Vault Toilets.

3. There are strange gurgling sounds in the plumbing system.

When flushing the toilet, you may hear some sounds coming from the pipes.

Usually the reasons behind it may be similar to when your toilet won’t flush.

4. Water and sewage are backing up into your home.

If you observe water or waste backing up, then you will have to call for help immediately.

5. The grass on your drain field turns bright green even during dry weather.

This could mean that the vegetation on top of your field is having more nutrients from the septic system.

If you don’t want to experience problems with your septic tank in the future, you might want to consider using eco-friendly and highly effective septic tank treatments as preventive maintenance.

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