The Septic-Safe Products You Can Use

Maintaining your septic system may require you to be extra careful with what you put down the drain or the toilet. In this blog we will be covering some septic-safe products you could use.

What is a septic system? Why is it important to have a well-maintained septic system?

A septic system is built as a drainage system for homes without centralized sewage pipe system. They make it possible to bring the waste and water from a home into a septic tank which uses bacteria to separate waste from water. These tanks are capable of releasing water into a drain field. The drain field naturally cleans the water and allows it to return to the ground water systems.

Compared to sewage pipes, septic systems are cheaper and less expensive.

Unlike sewage piping, septic systems do not require external energy. Moreover, these systems have very long lifespan that replacements may not be needed.

Septic systems create a positive impact to the environment by providing nourishment for plant and bacteria growth when water is pushed through the drainfield.

When harmful toxins are introduced to these systems, aside from the fact that the stability of the tank can get compromised, the environment can also get affected.

Here are 3 Things You Should Know About Septic Systems.

Thankfully, there are so many products such as disinfectants that are safe to use.

These products are mostly the natural ones: those which won’t harm the bacteria deep inside the septic system. They are usually made of natural elements and are biodegradable.

The products that will most likely endanger the septic systems are the household cleaning products and septic tank treatment products. Make sure to choose the ones that will not cause harm to your septic system.

If you are looking for the best septic-safe product in treating your septic tank, you may want to consider our products at Microbialogic. We are proud to have the SDB 500 perfect for treating septic tanks. It is a concentrated and specialized blend of microorganisms specifically selected and adapted to maintain septic system health and proper drain flow.

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