The Most Common Septic Tank Problems Solved

When maintained properly, a well-designed septic tank won’t cause any problems.

However, most homeowners overlook their septic systems and only take action when problems arise. Septic tank problems should be taken care of as soon as the early signs show.

Here are some of the most common septic tank problems you might encounter and how to get around them.

Too much water in the septic tank

When you use excessive amounts of water, the septic tank gets filled more quickly than it can accommodate. This makes solid waste to get suspended and clog the distribution tubes which are designed supposedly for liquids.

To avoid this, you may want to reduce your daily water usage. For example, you can do the laundry twice a week not once every two weeks to avoid heavy usage of water.

Avoid Doing These 10 Things to Your Septic System.

Presence of non-biodegradable objects in the septic tank

Items such as paper towels, sanitary pads or tampons getting flushed down to your septic tanks can be very terrible mistake. It makes the liquid levels rise, causing solids to block the distribution pipes.

Always see to it that you and your family won’t flush anything aside from human waste. Make sure you use septic safe items such as biodegradable toilet paper, just in case.

Detergents and other harsh chemicals in the septic tank

Most cleaning products have phosphorous as ingredient. While it helps in cleaning and removing grime, flushing phosphates into your septic tanks may harm the bacteria and enzymes responsible in digesting the wastes.

One good way to prevent this from happening is to avoid pouring the detergent or soap solution down the drain. You may do this in the outside drains which are not linked to the septic tank. Also you have to avoid using anti-bacterial soaps and detergents. Always remember to use cleaning products in moderation.

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