The Difference Between Septic Toilet and Green Toilet

Septic toilets and green toilets basically have the same function. They are both composting toilet tanks. Both toilets store waste and serve as the decomposing environment. These toilets also require consistent cleaning and regular maintenance for both to work properly.

However, you will notice that there are a lot of differences between septic and green toilets if you will have a closer look.

Here are some of them:
  1. Use of Water
Septic systems use water, while green toilets do not. They can also handle different types of waste that come from different areas of the house, like the kitchen. On the other hand, green toilets solely handle bathroom wastes.
  1. Operations
Septic toilets with tanks can be used as a regular bathroom toilet. Wastes are being flushed each and every use to push them to the septic tank where the solid wastes settle. On the other hand, liquid wastes continue to flow to the leak field and into the ground to soak. Things are way different when using a green toilet. Since there is no water involved, you need to have a direct path to the toilet outlet. Normally, the composting tank has a heater and a fan to keep the waste aerated and warm for easy decomposing.
  1. Cleaning and Maintenance
A septic toilet and tank requires some maintenance. It has to be pumped every three to five years, but you can hire a pumper truck to do the job for you. On the other hand, composting toilet needs more maintenance. Compared to septic toilets, you have to empty your compost pit once every month, depending on the size of your pit or your usage. You also have to do it manually by hand using a shovel.
  1. Overall Cost
Installation of septic toilet and tanks can be really costly. It requires installation of pipes and system components (not to mention the cost of water used for flushing). On the contrary, green toilets are great alternatives to expensive toilet systems. Installing these toilets won’t break your bank. Although you won’t be spending on water for flushing, you will have to pay for electricity for heaters and fans.
  1. Hygiene
When it comes to hygiene, both toilets can be problem-free and efficient if installed properly. However, both septic and green toilets can also cause problems. For instance, leach field and discharge pumps can fail for septic systems. When this happens, it can cause a serious public health hazard right in your backyard. You will also need a huge amount of money for fixing. On the other hand, green toilets won’t cause such huge problems, but can also cause hygiene and clean up issues.
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