The Dangers of Using Chemical Cleaning Products

In buying commercial cleaning products, most consumers don’t mind whatever properties or composition a product has as long as it does its purpose – cleaning.

Soaps, bleach, detergents, and other chemical cleaning products are the usual items in our shopping list. However, we should at least be mindful about the impacts of using these cleaning products.

On us Humans

These chemical products are toxic, no matter how we look at it. In fact, one of the primary source of toxic exposures in every household are the chemical cleaning products. Depending on the cleaning product, the hazard they pose varies. Some may cause minor hazards like burns and watery eyes. Other products can be associated with chronic illnesses like cancer. Cleaners with added fragrances can be dangerous as well. Since companies regard the components of these fragrances as ‘confidential’, we are left unaware of the ingredients these products contain. Some cleaners have ingredients that may not be toxic but can disrupt hormonal levels. This disruption will in turn be associated with diseases.

On the Environment

When using cleaners, we only know about the fragrant bubbles; we don’t know what happens after they go down our drains, into our sewage system, in the wastewater treatment plants and finally to the nearby waterways. These chemicals can negatively affect the water quality and animal welfare. When fish and other wildlife get exposed to contaminated waters, their health and reproduction are at stake. Moreover, most cleaning products are petroleum-based. We all know that petroleum is a limited and non-renewable resource. The production of these cleaning products contribute to the depletion of this resource. When choosing cleaning products, chemical products can be a convenient choice. But it is not the best choice for both us and the environment. There are organic options for all our cleaning needs.
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