The Benefits of Septic Tank Bacteria

When we were children we were taught that bacteria were all bad. This is why it can be confusing when a company like us shows up and tell you why bacteria is something you need in your life. 

Why You Need Septic Tank Bacteria

The most well-known bacteria are those that cause mass havoc and cause people to get sick. However, not all bacteria are harmful to people and benefit us. They can do anything from helping digest your food to fighting off more dangerous strains of bacteria. In the case of septic tank maintenance, they make sure that your septic tank operates smoothly. 

Quickens Decomposition of Wastes

Having large amounts of waste in a septic tank can be a big problem. This is especially true for public establishments as the number of people evacuating themselves can vary from a handful of people to tourist bus full of people. Your septic tank won’t be able to function properly if it is overloaded. This is where septic tank bacteria steps in.

Septic tank bacteria present in your septic system will quickly and efficiently break down waste quickly. This makes sure that your septic tank is rarely full and overflows rarely happen. 

Keeps Bad Bacteria Out

Remember how we talked about there being good and bad bacteria? Bad bacteria in your septic tank will create a cesspool of disease that will get people sick. Bad bacteria will multiply rapidly in an environment that isn’t properly maintained. Good bacteria in your septic tank kill off disease-causing bacteria. They make sure that the septic tank remains clean so long as you keep the environment maintained.

Eliminates Nasty Odors

When you open a septic tank, you’re bound to get a whiff of the usual septic tank smell. If you’re not maintaining your good bacteria with a decent bacterial culture, the smell will be overwhelming. Like the stench from horribly aged cheese, it can cause a person with a weaker stomach to evacuate the premises and cause them to lose their lunch, breakfast, and dinner from the prior day. 

The main reason for these smells isn’t the waste itself, but the waste of bad bacteria. As was said earlier, bad bacteria thrive in places where the environment isn’t maintained. The smell will make you sick in more ways than one.

Keeps the Environment Clean

The environment is something to keep in mind whenever bacteria are involved. Septic tanks that aren’t properly maintained will ruin the area around it. From flooding the sewers with waste that can’t just be passed out into the environment without damaging it to causing your septic tank to overflow and ruin your yard. There are many things that could be easily avoided with some good septic tank bacteria in your yard.

What Can You Do To Maintain Your Septic Tank Bacteria?

The best way to keep the balance of your septic tank is to use bacterial cultures to help create an ideal environment for your good septic tank bacteria. MicrobiaLogic provides top of the line bacterial cultures that will help you keep your septic tank in great condition throughout the years. Contact us today! 

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