Step-by-Step Grease Trap Cleaning Procedure

Continuing from the previous blog, we will now move on to the actual process of cleaning a grease trap.

Restaurant owners or managers must always see to it that their grease traps are cleaned regularly. This is to prevent the fats, oils and grease from building up and restrict drain flow. In time, it could be felt through very foul odors which can be bad for your business. Moreover, failing to clean the grease trap may also cause the grease and food wastes to enter the municipal water system which can put you and your restaurant in trouble.

It is recommended for a grease trap to be cleaned once every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the usage.

Here is a step-by-step procedure of properly cleaning your grease trap.

Step 1:

Wait for the water to cool down to allow the grease to float on the surface. This could make your job easier.

Step 2:

Using a crowbar or a wrench, take off the lid of the grease trap gently. Be cautious in removing the lid so you’ll not end up damaging the other parts such as the gaskets which are located right under the lid.

Step 3:

Since oil doesn’t mix with water, grease sludge can settle on top of the tank. Now, you need to use a vacuum and remove the floating grease sludge. After you cleaned the grease, the water and solid food wastes should be sucked out next.

Step 4:

Scrape off any remaining grease from the lid or the sides of the trap. Make sure to clean all solidified fats and oils stuck inside.

Be Warned! These are the Dangers of Using Chemical Cleaning Products.

Step 5:

As a final touch, you now have to scrub the insides of the trap to eliminate bad odor.

Make sure you use specialized cleaning solutions in doing this. Rinse it with a flush of clean water after.

Step 6:

If water is going through, then you have successfully cleaned your grease trap. Put back all the parts and dispose properly the grease waste you have collected.

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