Simple Things You Can do For Your Grease Traps

Grease traps are cheap and easy tools to help you avoid clogging your pipe. But to ensure their effectiveness, you have to make an effort to maintain them. Below are some of the simple things to help your grease traps do their job efficiently. Note that repairing clogged or busted pipes is much more expensive than ensuring they are in good condition. 

Clean utensils

Before washing your dishes, scrape off materials including chunks of food, oil, and grease. It is recommended that you use a rubber spatula or a sponge to clean off plates and other utensils before putting them in the dishwasher. Afterwards, do not forget to dispose of these scraps properly. 

Use filters under sinks

To support your grease traps, you can also put on filters under the sinks. These filters or screens are made out of metal. They ensure that the smaller bits of food and other materials are not flushed to the grease traps and the pipes. 

These screens or filters are particularly helpful for families who often serve rice or screen. By doing this, you reduce the workload and stress of your grease traps. 

Post signs

If you are using the sink with other people in your household, every person should know not to drain oil and grease. To remind everyone of this rule, you can write “no grease” signs on a piece of paper and post them on commonly frequented parts of the kitchen such as on the refrigerator, the dishwasher, and beside the sink.

When you’re at it, you can also remind them to dispose of food leftovers in the proper disposal container in your household. You also have various options, including designating a bin for food scraps and composting.   

Clean spills immediately

When you spill cooking oil, sauces, dressings, soups, and other food items in the sink, the grease contained in them may go down the drain and cause a blockage if you don’t have a grease trap. You should clean all spills immediately by using a paper towel to mop them off. Properly discard the paper towels when done. Remember not to pour water on the spills because they will eventually go down the drain along with the grease in them.

Avoid garbage disposals

Garbage disposals or food grinders found in your kitchen have been found to cause accumulation and clogging in the pipes. Do not use these tools, and instead throw your garbage in a bin for disposal or composting purposes. Oil, grease, and food bits should not be disposed of in long and narrow utility pipes.


The best way to take care of your grease traps is to lessen the work they have to do. If you can, only allow clear fluids to flow through them. 

Also, part of the maintenance is to allow professionals to conduct regular cleaning and check-up. The professionals will remove grease, oils, and other debris trapped and will dispose of them properly. This allows for your grease trap to do a better job in filtering out the grease.

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