Septic System Maintenance: How to Properly Care for Your Septic System

If you are from the country or had the opportunity to live there you’ll understand what a septic system is. But regardless if you are living in highly urbanized part of the city, septic maintenance is still your concern. If you don’t want to deal with problems with your septic system here are some ways you can make sure yours will be functioning well for many years.

Avoid overloading your septic tank.
Regularly check faucets and toilets for leaks that will go into your septic tank. There is regular water level required for septic tanks to function properly. If it gets more water than necessary, it can disrupt the natural cycle of decomposing human waste and cause your septic tanks for overflow.

Proper garbage disposal.
Septic tanks are meant for human waste alone. Flushing solid materials such as tissue, sanitary napkins, cat litter, tampons, and even cigarette butts may clog your septic tank. You should also avoid flushing food waste because the grease is very likely to clog your septic system overnight and this will require a lot of work and money to fix.

Use less heavy-duty cleaners.
We all want a clean toilet and bathroom but heavy use of cleaning materials kills useful bacterias that are necessary to break down the solid wastes in the septic tank. In order to maintain a sanitary toilet, we need to clean them regularly but don’t overdo the anti-bacterial cleaning solutions.

Remember that septic systems require responsible maintenance and proper care. If you make it a habit to check it up once in a while, use your toilet responsibly, and make sure that clean it regularly; problems will be kept at bay. If you notice anything out of the ordinary such as slow flushing or draining, or any foul smell coming from your toilet or drain, immediately have it checked. Leaving it unattended may cause even bigger problems.

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