Septic System Maintenance 101 for Homeowners

Underneath your property is a system which works to make your household fit to live in.It is none other than the septic system.

The septic system is one of the most overlooked and undervalued utility in a household despite of its important role in keeping our homes habitable.

Septic system repair or replacement can cost a fortune. Also, failing septic systems can put the health of your family, your community and the environment at risk.

These are the reasons why homeowners should pay close attention to the proper maintenance of their septic systems.

Septic system upkeep can be made simple and not too costly. You just need to remember the following key steps in maintaining it.

 Regular Pumping & Inspection

Typically, septic tanks are pumped and inspected once every three years, depending on the size of the household, the size of the septic tank itself and the volumes of wastewater and solids generated.

 Proper Disposal of Waste

Don’t treat the toilet as trash cans. We should only flush human wastes down the toilet and nothing else.

 Efficient Water Usage

To avoid your septic tank to overflow, we should avoid heavy usage of water and strive to use water efficiently.

You may want to invest in high-efficiency toilets which saves on water and reduces the volume of household water entering your septic system. Are you washing all your laundry at once? Why not try to divide the load over the week to lessen the water used at a time.

 Proper Maintenance of the Drain field

The drain field is an important part of your septic system. You should avoid driving or parking over your drain field. Avoid planting nearby your drain field.

You don’t want roots to enter your septic system, right? Lastly, try developing a good drainage system to keep water away from your drain field.
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