Septic System Care Checklist

The septic system is one of the most often overlooked part of the household. Many homeowners fail to recognize how important a well-functioning septic system until it is already failing.

To keep the septic system from damage, homeowners must see to it that it gets proper maintenance.

This checklist will help homeowners reduce the risk of a septic system failure.

 Water Usage

Low-flow showerheads and toilets are better. Make sure your pipes are from leaks and drips. Using a front-load washing machine helps as well. Avoid doing huge loads of laundry at once. You may choose liquid detergents over the powdered ones. Bleach is also harmful for your septic system.

 Cleaning Supplies

Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Always opt for natural cleaning solutions. If your drain or toilet gets clogged, you may use a drain snake instead of toxic chemicals.

 Bathroom

Continuous chlorine cleaner in the toilet tank is not advisable.

Homeowners must also avoid excessive use of antibacterial soaps, bath oils and moisturizers. It also helps if you limit the use of toilet paper.

 Kitchen

Using automatic dishwasher can actually conserve water. You and your family must also know how to properly dispose garbage. Don’t let solid wastes go down the drain.

 Septic Tank

It is best to use organic treatments such as Microbialogic’s products.

SDB 500 is perfect for treating septic tanks, dump stations, leach lines, drain fields, pipe drains and traps. It is a concentrated and specialized blend of microorganisms specifically selected and adapted to maintain septic system health and proper drain flow.

Frequent inspection and pumping must also be done on your septic tanks. On average, the septic system should be inspected once every three years and pumped every three to five years.

 Drain field

Make sure you grade the yard to drain water away from the drain field. A damp drain field won’t absorb and can affect the wastewater treatment.
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