Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaning Tips

One of the most vital part in septic system service and maintenance is keeping the septic system in good condition in order for it to function properly. Learning to keep a septic system bathroom clean ensures a safe and healthy living environment. However, this can prove to be a challenging task especially since it requires a lot more consideration compared to cleaning other parts of your home.

So in order to help you effectively maintain a functioning septic system, we present you some clever tips in how to safely clean a septic bathroom.

What to Avoid: Most people think that the use of ammonia or bleach can effectively clean anything due to their acidic nature. However, using these cleaning products can actually do more harm than good in a septic system. It’s best to avoid flushing down products like bleach, toilet cleaners, drain cleaners, detergents, ammonia, and lye down if you have a septic tank system. These products increase the risk of soil and water contamination, resulting into a septic system function failure.

What to Use: To ensure that your septic system will continue to function properly, we highly advise usage of green cleaning products. Be careful, though. Not all green cleaning products are safe to use on a septic tank system. Make sure that the cleaning product you will be using is biodegradable and low in phosphorus. You can also opt to use an oxygen bleach. Just remember to always double check the product before purchasing. Most manufacturers indicate if the product is safe to use on a septic system in the label.

When to do a Septic Tank Treatment: Septic tank treatment is recommended to be done every month. Monthly septic tank treatments ensure that the system will effectively treat waste water. However, always keep in mind to use only natural septic tank treatment products rich in bacteria and enzymes. These bacterias and enzymes are powerful components in breaking down solid waste and removing disease causing pathogens; hence, a monthly septic treatment is required to ensure that these components remain abundant in the system.

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