For Septic Systems & Dump Stations

SDB 500 is a concentrated and specialized blend of microorganisms specifically selected and adapted to maintain septic system health and proper drain flow. Formulated for use in all types of septic tanks and dump stations, SDB 500 breaks down the grease, paper and other organic material by accelerating the natural digestion process while controlling noxious odors. These naturally occurring bacterial strains are nonpathogenic and are harmless to humans, plants birds or wildlife. Through proper application and continued use, SDB 500 will improve the digestion efficiency of waste solids and limit the production of offensive gases by increasing the level of natural bacterial activity.

Every septic system or dump station, depending on season of year, volume of use and severity of accumulated sludge, is biologically different and must be treated accordingly for best results. Use the following rate as a general guide only. Depending on the speed of results desired or expense limitations, the dosage can be increased or decreased as necessary. Apply the product on a regular ongoing basis in conjunction with your normal cleaning or service schedule. Try and minimize any addition of antibacterial chemicals to the system when using these products.

  • For light use system: Apply one packet per week
  • For medium use system: Apply one packet twice weekly
  • For heavy use system: Apply up to one packet daily
  • Apply 4 weeks worth of packets all at once to start bacterial action when beginning treatment

Apply by dropping water soluble packet directly into toilet. Packets will quickly dissolve in water, releasing the enclosed bacteria and flush it through to tank. Alternating the application from toilets to sinks and floor drains will also aid in cleaning and preventing organic buildup problems on pipe walls, traps and sewer lines. Flush down with enough water so that pack dissolves and all products has entered drain. Product must be added on a regular basis to treat the influx of new organic waste. Best results are obtained by applying just before and immediately after periods of heavy use.