RV Toilet Cleaning: 4 Ways to Keep it Smelling Fresh

If you are an RV newbie, you may experience odor problems with your RV toilet sooner or later. This is a common issue for many RV owners.

This not-so-pleasant RV camping reality is something you do not need to tolerate. You can enjoy and make the most of your every RV experience ODOR-FREE! Believe it or not, you can avoid that nasty RV toilet odor quickly and keep it smelling fresh by following the three simple ways listed below.

Before we dig into how to get rid of your smelly RV toilet, let’s understand why it happens.

Your RV toilet operates differently than the one in your home. Unlike in your home’s bathroom, the things that you put down the RV toilet is evacuated into a holding tank under your RV where it waits to be dumped. The RV toilet also does not use water the same way home toilets do because RVs are built to operate with limited resources. This is why from time to time, a bad smell penetrates in your RV bathroom.

Don’t let a smelly toilet spoil your RV adventure. Here are three easy ways to help you get rid of RV toilet odor and keep it smelling fresh.

1.Get rid of the clog

A disgusting RV bathroom odor is a clear sign that your RV toilet is clogged. Don’t panic as RV toilet clogs happen all the time. This is a problem you can correct with the help of someone. To begin the process of unclogging, you will need: a hose, a large bucket, clothing you can dispose after, a good pair of rubber boots, a pair of rubber gloves,a plumber’s snake and some protective eyewear. We will give you a more detailed, step-by-step guide on how to unclog an RV toilet on our next blog

2.Dump your tank regularly

It’s important to empty and clean your tank regularly and thoroughly. You can dump your tank at dedicated RV dump stations or at campgrounds. Give your tank a thorough washing out from time to time.

3.Keep the toilet and bathroom clean

Needless to say, keeping your RV toilet and bathroom clean can help reduce foul odors, reduce disease-harboring germs and ensure everything is working properly.

4.Use the right treatment products

Although some chemicals can help eliminate bad odor, it is best and safer to use all natural treatment products. Tank treatment solutions such as Microbialogic RTB 780 benefits all types of RV toilets and can effectively combat RV odor.

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