RV Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

Travelling with recreational vehicle can be an enjoyable experience. Your experience could even be better if you are using a well-maintained one. We are all aware that RV is not your average vehicle.

On top of being a mobile vehicle, your RV can also be a bedroom, a kitchen, or in general, a home. You may call it as an “all-in-one” vehicle. And it surely comes with a price. Its price may go as high as the price of buying a home. Can you imagine how much would it cost to have a major repair in an RV?

The key to minimizing costly repairs to an RV is to have preventive maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your RV in a good shape.

1. Get a roof for your RV’s roof.

An RV is often exposed to extreme heat and other environmental challenges.

You can opt for additional cover for the roof of your RV. Cleaning the roof can also make valuable difference.

2. Make sure that your RV toilet and tank are well taken care of.

The last thing you will want inside your RV are foul odors coming from your toilet.

First, make sure that your toilet bowl is able to withstand the bumpy roads ahead.

Check the toilet seal. Make it a habit to keep the toilet bowl clean. Holding tank sensors should also be clean to avoid false readings.

3. Apply holding tank treatments

There are various holding tank treatments available for your RV’s septic system.

These treatments break down wastes and prevent odor.

Understand How Bacteria Can be Good for Your Holding Tank.

4. Don’t neglect the generator.

When your generator becomes idle for too long, it deteriorates quickly. Run your generator at least every month to avoid any issues.

5. Regularly check the appliances inside your RV

Your RV may contain many appliances. Some appliances are not made for mobiles. A lot of vibration can affect these appliances.

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