Removing Compost and Maintaining a Clean Composting Toilet


When your full tank has been replaced with a new one, you need to seal it for about 6 to 12 months to turn it into compost. When it’s ready, remove the cover from the rear wall opening of the composted tank.

Remove the compost from the tank by using a rake and shovel. Then, transfer the compost to a cart or a wheelbarrow.

Now that the tank is empty, leave a thin layer of compost to prepare it for being reused. Reseal the cover of the tank over the rear wall opening.

Use the compost and cart it to a garden or a crop field. By using a shovel, work it on the soil.


Maintaining a Composting Toilet

After setting up and operating your composting toilet, it’s time to learn how to properly maintain one. You need to make sure that you inspect your vault at least once every month. Though, a properly set up and operated composting toilet doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Check your tank monthly for physical damages caused by the weather. The rear wall covers should also be tightly sealed. If you can, use tar or other material to reseal the covers.

The base part of the tank should also be inspected for cracks. If there’s a damage, you should repair it with concrete mortar.

Check the vent pipes and privy shelter. Make sure you replace or repair any damaged parts.

Keep the surface water from flowing near the grounds around the composting toilets.

It would be best to keep a record of maintenance with the maintenance date and description along with the repairs and actions taken to fix the problem.


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