RTB 780

Perfect For Treating

• Houseboats & Motorhomes
• Marine, Aircraft & Railroad
• Waste Holding Tanks

Download RTB 780 data sheet Portable River Toilet Systems Download RTB 780 MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)

For Portable Toilets & Holding Tanks

Portable toilets and holding tanks are similar to vault toilets in the respect that both of them are tanks that need to be pumped or dumped when full. However, their difference is mainly in capacity. A vault toilet may contain hundreds of gallons of waste that has accumulated over weeks or months of use. A portable toilet, on the other hand, has only a fraction of this capacity and gets heavy use for a short period of time only. Dumping or pumping is usually done within a couple days to a week.

Because these units are small and the user’s proximity to the waste tank quite close, odor control is extremely important. Up until recently, toxic chemical deodorants were the only thing available for this purpose. The theory behind them is a simple one: kill everything in the tank to prevent odors from forming and then mask whatever stink is left with a strong fragrance. However, in reality, this is seldom the case. Additional chemicals must be added every couple days to kill off the bacteria that comes with each and every toilet visit. It is a difficult balance to maintain and one that becomes harder the longer the toilet is used and in service.

RTB 780 will control these odors in both portable toilets and holding tanks without the use of hazardous chemicals. It will stimulate a different type of bacterial activity that will help to liquefy solids and prevent the formation of these odors biologically. Dumping and cleaning will also be much easier and faster than ever before.

Because people expect to see and smell a colored and scented treatment product in these types of toilets, RTB 780 contains a biodegradable blue dye and apricot fragrance.