RTB 700 Series Products

Bacterial Products for Outdoor Restrooms

Reduces Odor & Digests Solids in Pit, Vault, Portable & Composting Toilets in Outdoor Recreation Areas & Remote Living Areas

Download RTB 700 series tri-fold brochure
RTB 700 Series products are dry, bacterial concentrates that are packed in easy-to-use, water soluble packets that dissolve upon contact with liquids or moisture. These premeasured packets eliminate the guesswork and all of the mess associated with liquid products and dry, dusty powders. Toss in one packet, once a week as long as the toilet is being used and in service.
Please do not confuse these products with conventional toilet chemicals. RTB 700 Series products work in the complete and opposite way of toxic deodorants that merely mask or attempt to kill bacterial activity as a way to control odors. RTB 700 biologically reduces and prevents odors from forming and increases the rate of digestion so pumping, dumping or composting is faster, easier and more complete. Unlike septic tank treatments, RTB 700 Series products are only designed for use in pit, vault, portable and composting toilets.