How to Properly Maintain Your RV Toilet

In owning a recreational vehicle or an RV, proper overall maintenance is key. Looking after the septic system of your RV should be one of your priorities. Disregarding your RV’s septic system can lead to many problems that could have been fixed earlier with simpler measures.

Throughout this post, we’ll be discussing a few maintenance tips and solutions to the most common RV toilet issues.

1. See to it that your RV toilet bowl is squeaky clean all the time.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but if you really want to maintain a good septic system you should begin with the toilet bowl first. You may have some water cup or spray ready in case the toilet flush isn’t strong enough to clean the wastes.

2. Check and fix the toilet seal.

What is a toilet seal?

The toilet seal in your RV toilet keeps water at all times in the RV. With a faulty toilet seal, leaks can occur and you won’t like the smell of it. When toilet water leaks into the holding tank, it may cause offensive smells.

What can we do to fix this issue?

The easiest method is by applying grease to the seal. This will lubricate the seal allowing water back into the toilet bowl.

3. Choose toilet papers that are “RV safe”

Toilet papers always tend to be flushed in the toilet. So, if you’re getting supplies, make sure that they are easy to dissolve to avoid clogging or other major damages to your system.

4. Apply treatments for the holding tank of your RV.

It is ideal to select the best holding tank treatment to properly maintain your RV toilet. There are various treatments to choose from.

How do these treatments work?

These treatments break down wastes along with foreign objects such as tissue paper. Using treatments will prolong the lifespan of your RV’s septic system.
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