How to Maintain Leach Lines

Leach lines act as a draining system that disperses sewage water into the ground after it has gone through the septic tank. They are essential in the transition of sewage water to returning to the ground as clean water. Leach lines are perforated pipes with filters inside to ensure that the dirty septic effluent is brought back to the earth clean.

Conduct regular pumps

Leach lines and the sewage system must be pumped every after few years in order to remove the scum from the tank. By doing these regular pumps, the screens and filtration system inside the pipes will have an easier time doing their job. Failure to conduct these pumps will result in the accumulation of thick scums which in grave cases can even burst the pipes. 

Ensure less weight on leach lines

Know that your leach lines have their loads and capacities. While they are made out of fairly resilient materials, they are not invincible. Avoid putting heavy objects over the leach field. For example, try not to build a storage shed pool, gym, and other heavy structures over them. All this weight gives unnecessary strain and pressure to the pipes which can cause them to crack or break.

Do not use the wrong cleaners

Because leach lines are underground pipes that dissipate the fluid flow from the septic tank to be absorbed into the soil, the fluid that runs through them should be free of harsh chemicals. Using cleaners with harsh chemicals would destroy the biological life found in the soil. These cleaners can also damage the pipes and the tank by killing the naturally occurring germs that keep bad pathogens at bay.

To maintain the health and proper drain flow of leach lines and the septic tank, opt for natural products that can prevent odor from emanating from the septic system and can increase digestion rates in the tank. 

Do not clog the leach lines

Like any pipe for drainage and sewage, leach lines can also be clogged. You should steer clear of dumping any material that can cause blockage in the toilet. This includes solid objects that do not break down easily such as children’s toys, uncooked rice bits, and coffee grounds, among others. 

If in case, an object gets flushed in the toilet and causes clogging, one of the ways to clear out the blockage in the leach lines is to use a high-pressure sewer jetter. Contact a professional to know the cause of the clogging, and the company can also recommend and do the right strategies to clear up the clog.

Set a schedule

Setting a consistent schedule for the maintenance of the septic tank and the leach lines can make the septic system healthy and properly working for many years. If you don’t do regular maintenance, the life span of the septic system would shorten and it could break down beyond repair. This would be very expensive compared to just spending for regular maintenance. Check for small signs of leakage or clogging. This usually comes in the form of foul odor or flooding. 

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