How Can You Care for Your Septic Tank System?

Your septic tank may be the last in the list of the things to maintain in your household.

However, you cannot deny the important role it plays for your home. When this system fails, it would cause a huge inconvenience to you and your family.

If you take care of your septic system enough, you will be able to extend its lifespan and value. Follow this list of the ways you can maintain your septic system in good shape.

1. The toilet should never be an option if you are to throw trash somewhere.

While it can be tempting to flush trash down the toilet, by now you probably know very well that it won’t be good for your septic tank system. Place a trash can nearby to avoid litter to be thrown down to your septic tank.

2. Grease could cause your septic system to get clogged.

You need to be extra careful when pouring grease down the drain. It prevents the earth around your drain field to absorb other liquids, increasing the likelihood of a back-up. Doing this may also require you to dig a new drain field.

3. Consider scheduling a regular maintenance inspection for your septic

You should refer to what your septic tank manufacturer recommends for the interval of each septic tank inspection. Make sure you are able to have your septic tank checked regularly to spot even the minor issues as early as possible.

You Should Look For These Qualities When Hiring a Septic Contractor.

4. When was the last time you’ve had your septic tank pumped?

Usually, septic tanks are pumped every 3-5 years. Take note that the frequency of pumping your septic tank will depend on the number of people living in your home. The more people living in your home, the more frequent you should pump your septic tank.

5. Be cautious of your drain field.

You also need to be mindful of your soakage area. You may surround it only with grass. Avoid adding plants whose roots may run deep. Also, refrain from parking vehicles on top of it. This may put a strain on your drain field and could potentially damage the pipes within.

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