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Safe and natural bacterial bioaugmentation products are in use at hundreds of outdoor recreational sites nationwide by the USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Army Corps of Engineers, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts USA, as well as state, county & municipal park departments, wilderness outfitter & expedition companies, motorcoach operators & houseboat tenders.

RTB 700 Series is a concentrated and specialized blend of microorganisms specifically selected and adapted to degrade human fecal and urinous material and its associated paper waste. Formulated for use in all types of remote toilets in parks, campgrounds and other backcountry sites, RTB 700 Series will accelerate the natural degradation of all organic waste while controlling noxious odors. These naturally occurring bacterial strains are nonpathogenic and are harmless to humans, plants, birds and wildlife. Through proper application and continued use, RTB 700 Series will improve the digestion efficiency of waste solids and limit the production of offensive gases by increasing the level of natural bacterial activity.

RTB 700 Series products are specifically designed for use in all remote toilets not connected to a septic or sewer system. Packaged in unique self-dissolving bacteria packets, RTB 700 Series products are simple to apply. Because odor control is a matter of opinion rather than fact, what one sees or smells may be as important as what one doesn’t smell. Special use of dyes and fragrances to the bacteria assures the best possible product for both the mind as well as the nose. In pit, vault, portable and composting toilets, RTB 700 Series products are effective, affordable and easy to use.