Great Septic Tank Odor Prevention Tips

Your septic tank is an important part of a good home. Without one you’d have to shovel out waste yourself. However, you should remember that septic tank odor can become a problem if you’re not taking the necessary precautions. But how exactly do you prevent or minimize it?

Preventing Septic Tank Odor The Right Way

There are many ways people try to prevent septic tank odors in their homes and businesses. However, some of these methods do more harm than good and can easily damage the septic tank and the good bacteria doing their jobs. So, we’ve put together a few ways you can effectively remove septic tank odors without harming it in the long run.

Watch What You Flush

The best thing you can do to keep odors from leaking out of your septic tank is to make sure you’re not flushing harmful chemicals down the drain.  These include flushing down bleach, vinegar, laundry soap and others. This tends to kill good bacteria that breaks down the waste in your septic tank. Not only does it cause the odor to get worse, it also slowly damages the septic tank itself. Especially if the chemical is acidic.

You should also make sure that the only thing you flush down the toilet is biodegradable waste. Plastic and other solid objects that don’t decompose should never be flushed down. This is because these will stay in your septic tank and most likely cause a blockage. This makes it easier for your septic tank to leak leading to smells escaping.

Don’t Flood Your Septic Tank

Excessive water in any septic system can cause a large number of problems. The first is that it damages the system. Second, it causes the septic tank to flood over and leak which can cause the nasty smells from the waste inside to leak out. 

The most common cause of this problem is too much laundry. Minimize your laundry usage to minimize the chance of your septic tank flooding. Ideally you want to give your septic tank some time to process your waste and filter out the excess water.  

Regular Maintenance is a Must

Keeping your septic tank maintained is an important part of making sure that it doesn’t fail. With a well maintained septic tank you can expect to experience less awful smells coming from it. Ideally you want to have your septic tank pumped once every five to six years to empty out the excess waste that your tank can’t filter out.

Having a professional plumber will come in handy here as they’ll be able to do the maintenance for you. They’ll also know exactly what’s needed to be done to keep those nasty odors out of your home or business.

Invest In Good Bacterial Products or Cultures

The key to keeping your septic tank odor free is to make sure that the bacteria in your tank is good bacteria. With a bacterial culture, you’re guaranteed to have a host of good bacteria eating up as much waste as possible while also minimizing the stench. Bacterial cultures also kill off bad bacteria that creates the unbearable smells that would otherwise flood your nose should you open up your septic tank. Contact us today to get the best bacterial cultures!

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