Grease Trap Treatments

Drain Cleaner | Buildup Remover

Reduces Foul Odors & Keeps Drains Fresh Opens Up Slow Flowing Drains Keeps Pipe Traps Clear

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The same compounds that can clog a grease trap can also buildup and restrict drain flow. Save money, time, and effort by utlizing natures own “treatment”, safe and powerful bacterial action.

GTB 800 Grease Trap Treatment breaks down the grease, paper and other organic matter that clogs grease traps, septic tanks, cesspools and their drainfields. When applied to drains, it breaks down the grease, soap and other organic matter that can cling to pipe walls and buildup in pipe traps. Its unique, high potency formulations of cultured bacteria reactiviates the beneficial bacterial action that maintains proper drain flow.

GTB 800 Grease Trap Treatment also contains nutrients for proper bacterial growth and buffering agents to guard against harmful contaminants entering the system. GTB 800 is not a chemical and is safe to use in any plumbing fixture to treat all types of plumbing and septic systems.