Company Background

In 1995, we realized that a small and fragmented market existed for natural bacterial products that could reduce odors and digest waste solids in outdoor toilets. This fact was brought to our attention by a seasonal fire lookout at Glacier National Park in Montana who had to live and deal with these problems all summer long.

In talking with Federal recreation and maintenance people shortly thereafter, we quickly discovered that no product existed for this purpose alone. Commercially available septic tank and RV holding tank treatments had been adapted and tried with limited success. Many of the parks, forests and recreation areas we spoke with used nothing at all and had no plans to change. Offensive odor complaints and costly waste solids buildup problems were viewed as inescapable problems in the operation of these types of toilets.

As a solution, we formulated a dry blend of bacteria specific for toilets that were not connected to a sewer or septic system. To make them easy to use, we had them packaged in pre-measured, water-soluble packets. In addition to providing portion control, these self-dissolving packets made them extremely simple to apply. Field testing within the National Park Service and the US Forest Service began during the summer of 1996.

Every year since then, we have seen our customer base grow. In addition to the NPS and USDA-FS, our Federal agency clients also include the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Non-profit organizations such as the Boy Scouts (BSA), Girl Scouts (GSUSA), Appalachian Trail Conference (ATC) and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) have also found uses for our products.

In 1998, MicrobiaLogic LLC was formed to specifically address the needs of these toilet facilities in outdoor recreation and remote living areas. We are supplier members of National Forest Recreation Association (NFRA). In June of 1999, MicrobiaLogic LLC was awarded a GSA Contract as a preferred supplier to the US Government (GS-07F-0284J). We are also registered in the CCR Database as required by the DOD to conduct business with the US military (CAGE Code: 1GAD8).

You will not find RTB 700 Series products at your local hardware or outdoor supply store. This website is our way of reaching out to those people, agencies or organizations who are looking for a better way to manage their outdoor toilet facilities. With such a limited, narrow market and with a product shelf life of two years, we do not want them getting old on a store shelf waiting for a buyer to come along. By controlling the sales and distribution in this manner, you are assured the freshest possible products shipped directly from us when you need it!

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to be affiliated with one of the large agencies and organizations listed above in order to do business with us. We welcome small orders as well from the owners of remote summer cottages, secluded hunting cabins and isolated fishing camps.

Specific product questions or general website marketing questions can also be directed to the following key people:

Bill Rudd, Outdoor Products Manager

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our company.

In memory of Paul S. Morris, MicrobiaLogic Founder,
President and CFO,
1957 – 2003


Jane L. Morris,
Business Manager,