Clogged Toilets Demystified

Ever experienced a clogged toilet before? It’s embarrassing and experiencing it may cause a lot of stress. Luckily, we have here some tricks that can get you out of that ‘situation’.

First things first, how do toilets work?

When flushing, the flapper opens allowing the cistern to empty into the toilet bowl. The water level in the bowl rises while pushing the wastewater down the siphon tube. When the waste has gone down successfully, the tank will refill water for the next use. Simple, right? When this process doesn’t just work after you pushed down the flush, then you got yourself a clog. Friendly tip: Never try to fix the clog by flushing it more than once unless you want your toilet bowl to overflow. Keep reading so you can be well guided when experiencing a clog.

Step # 1 Pour in hot water.

If you somehow managed to prevent the toilet from overflowing, get some hot water and pour it down the toilet. Observe for a few minutes if it works. Why are we pouring hot water? We’re hoping to melt fats present in the clog. If it doesn’t work, proceed to the next step.

Step # 2 Plunger to the rescue.

Your household utility tools might include a plunger for this highly unwanted event. It’s best to have one with a funnel cup at the bottom. Plunge the toilet slowly at first. Just remember that the goal here is to loosen any obstruction that prevents the toilet from draining.

Pro tip: Focus on the pulling part when plunging.

Step # 3 Use a toilet auger

If the plunger doesn’t nail it, an auger might be the solution. A toilet auger dislodges tough clogs in the hard-to-reach areas in the toilet. You may use this to pull out the clog or push it down the drain.

Step # 4 Apply some very helpful products to your toilet.

Friendly advice: Don’t opt for harsh chemical products.

While harsh chemicals can sometimes clear the clog in your toilet, they are not very practical to use in the long run. They may cause damage to your septic system. Use natural enzymes or bacterial treatments instead! These treatments are safer and effective, as well. They make use of the biological response of wastes so the process is environmentally friendly as well. Use these regularly and see the results for yourself. There you have it. You are now better equipped for clogged toilets. No more frightened moments when you experience a clog next time!
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