Understanding Why Bacteria are Septic Safe

Many people get confused and question why there are bacterial treatments for their septic system. This blogs hope to shed light on this matter. After you finish reading this, we hope you get the whole picture why bacteria are needed by your septic system. Most of the problems in septic systems such as foul odors, odd gurgling and sucking noises and clogs are caused by imbalance in bacterial levels in the septic tank. Continue reading “Understanding Why Bacteria are Septic Safe”

Septic System Maintenance 101 for Homeowners

Underneath your property is a system which works to make your household fit to live in.It is none other than the septic system.

The septic system is one of the most overlooked and undervalued utility in a household despite of its important role in keeping our homes habitable.

Septic system repair or replacement can cost a fortune. Also, failing septic systems can put the health of your family, your community and the environment at risk. Continue reading “Septic System Maintenance 101 for Homeowners”

What to Expect When Having a Septic Tank Inspection

As a homeowner, one should be aware of the maintenance tasks which are needed to be carried out in all parts of the household—and that includes the septic tank.

It is important to schedule a septic tank inspection when you observe signs of problems as immediately as possible. It is recommended to have the septic system be inspected once a year or when the property is going to be put on sale. A well-managed septic system increases the property’s value. Continue reading “What to Expect When Having a Septic Tank Inspection”

The Signs You Have a Septic System Failure

When you have forgotten or overlooked about your septic system maintenance tasks for many years, there would be an increased chance that it can fail at some point.

If the damage to your septic system has become severe, there will be signs that tell you that it is high time to have it fixed or replaced. A septic system failure can result to untreated sewage to come back up or be transported to other places. Another dangerous risk of a failing septic system is to cause untreated sewage to reach into the ground water. Continue reading “The Signs You Have a Septic System Failure”

How Can You Care for Your Septic Tank System?

Your septic tank may be the last in the list of the things to maintain in your household.

However, you cannot deny the important role it plays for your home. When this system fails, it would cause a huge inconvenience to you and your family.

If you take care of your septic system enough, you will be able to extend its lifespan and value. Follow this list of the ways you can maintain your septic system in good shape. Continue reading “How Can You Care for Your Septic Tank System?”