What is a Vault Toilet?

Vault toilets are revolutionized outhouses. It is a more comfortable and much nicer version of a pit. It makes no use of water and still basically has a hole with a seat over it. These vault toilets are commonly seen in parks and in areas where there is limited access to water. The waste is stored in the tank directly underneath the hole. It can store up to a thousand gallons of human waste before it needs emptying. They have invented ways to keep it from stinking such as specially designed roof or a vent to keep the air flow moving.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Pit Toilet

A dry toilet or a non-flush toilet is a toilet that can be operated without flush water. One of the most commonly used type of dry toilet is the pit toilet or pit latrines. Pit toilets are used most specially in developing countries where flush toilets connected to septic systems or sewer systems won’t be possible. Continue reading “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Pit Toilet”

Step-by-Step Grease Trap Cleaning Procedure

Continuing from the previous blog, we will now move on to the actual process of cleaning a grease trap.

Restaurant owners or managers must always see to it that their grease traps are cleaned regularly. This is to prevent the fats, oils and grease from building up and restrict drain flow. In time, it could be felt through very foul odors which can be bad for your business. Moreover, failing to clean the grease trap may also cause the grease and food wastes to enter the municipal water system which can put you and your restaurant in trouble. Continue reading “Step-by-Step Grease Trap Cleaning Procedure”

Pit Toilets and Vault Toilets: Pros and Cons

In our homes, it is common to install toilets connected to a well-designed septic system or a sewer. However, for campgrounds, recreational areas or remote nonresidential areas, installing a traditional toilet can be impossible because of the lack of waste facilities.

In places like parks and other remote areas, they use either vault toilets and pit toilets.

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