Can You Use Composting Toilets at Home?

Composting toilets have long been known to be green and environment-friendly. Though these toilets are more commonly used in mobile homes, boats, and RVs, they can also be used at home.  These are called self-contained composting toilets.

Self-contained composting toilets are directly installed in your bathroom. They can either be electric or non-electric.

Electric composting toilets are plugged into a 3-prong outlet to power a fan and a heating element controlled by a thermostat at the bottom of the unit. The power usage usually ranges from 80 to 150 watts. It's advisable to unplug the unit if you're not going to use it for a few days.

These self-composting toilets also vary in composting capacity. Since electric units have extra warmth and movement for bacterial activity, they normally have a bigger capacity for compost.

Benefits of these  composting toilets:

#1: Easy to Clean - All units have a bowl liner underneath the seat for easy cleaning.

#2: Budget-Friendly - Since you no longer need to purchase a separate toilet, these self-contained units are more economical than central units.

#3: No need for plumbing - No water? No problem. These units are safe to install. All you need to have is a vent stack, which already comes with the unit.

#4: Great for Winter - No more cold toilets with these self-contained units. They are easier to keep warm during the winter.

More info about self-composting toilets here.

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