Camping Basics: How to Keep the Toilet Holding Tank Clean

Maintaining a clean toilet holding tank is one of the many things you have to deal with when exploring the great outdoors. Since water supply is limited, the stench coming from your tank can be unbearable.

Contrary to most of our beliefs, maintaining a clean holding tank isn’t the nastiest job. In fact, regular maintenance can save your mobile home from the unpleasant smell.

holding tank deodorizer

Here are some easy maintenance tips that you can do to keep your holding tank clean:

  • After each pump out, rinse and flush the holding tank. By doing so, it will help to dilute any residual sewage and reduce the foul odor.
  • From time to time, pour liquid bleach into the tank to sanitize and disinfect. This will kill the smell and the germs in the holding tank.
  • Use the Geo Method:
    • The Geo Method is a popular recipe for making your own holding treatment by using water softener. This product breaks up solids that are accumulated from hard water like soap scum. It will help in loosening up solids that were stuck on the sides of the tank. The more you use this, the slicker your tank walls will be. Thus, when you empty your tanks, solids will be rinsed away easily and eliminates the foul order.
    • The ingredients you need for the Geo Method are easily found at your local grocery store’s laundry product aisle. You will need household bleach, water softener, and powdered laundry soap.
    • The best time to make this treatment is immediately after you dump your tanks.
  • Clean your holding tank:
    • To do this, mix a cup or two of water softener to two gallons of hot water. Use the solution and pour it down the drain into the empty tank. Then, you can use the tank normally until it’s full and just pump it out like you would normally.
    • Add a mix of water softener and laundry detergent to your black water tank after each pump out and after rinsing your black water tank.
    • Do not add water softener on your tank during heavy black water generation periods. It works better if the water softener stays longer in the tank.
  • Use RTB 780
    • RTB 780 is a solution we developed specifically for portable toilets and holding tanks. It’s for toilets or tanks that are being dumped or pumped often. It’s a blue dyed bacterial product with an apricot fragrance in self-dissolving packers.

You should keep in mind that odors indicate a sanitary problem. Don’t be afraid to use your tanks, but make sure you will maintain it regularly.

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