How Do Septic Tank Problems Affect the Environment

Septic systems appear to be fully functional for a very long time that most homeowners overlook that something wrong is going on. This can be a serious issue for us and the environment.

We all know how bad it can get when we have a failing septic system. But how does it impact our environment? Continue reading “How Do Septic Tank Problems Affect the Environment”

Understanding Why Bacteria are Septic Safe

Many people get confused and question why there are bacterial treatments for their septic system. This blogs hope to shed light on this matter. After you finish reading this, we hope you get the whole picture why bacteria are needed by your septic system. Most of the problems in septic systems such as foul odors, odd gurgling and sucking noises and clogs are caused by imbalance in bacterial levels in the septic tank. Continue reading “Understanding Why Bacteria are Septic Safe”

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Pit Toilet

A dry toilet or a non-flush toilet is a toilet that can be operated without flush water. One of the most commonly used type of dry toilet is the pit toilet or pit latrines. Pit toilets are used most specially in developing countries where flush toilets connected to septic systems or sewer systems won’t be possible. Continue reading “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Pit Toilet”

Septic System Maintenance 101 for Homeowners

Underneath your property is a system which works to make your household fit to live in.It is none other than the septic system.

The septic system is one of the most overlooked and undervalued utility in a household despite of its important role in keeping our homes habitable.

Septic system repair or replacement can cost a fortune. Also, failing septic systems can put the health of your family, your community and the environment at risk. Continue reading “Septic System Maintenance 101 for Homeowners”

What to Expect When Having a Septic Tank Inspection

As a homeowner, one should be aware of the maintenance tasks which are needed to be carried out in all parts of the household—and that includes the septic tank.

It is important to schedule a septic tank inspection when you observe signs of problems as immediately as possible. It is recommended to have the septic system be inspected once a year or when the property is going to be put on sale. A well-managed septic system increases the property’s value. Continue reading “What to Expect When Having a Septic Tank Inspection”

Step-by-Step Grease Trap Cleaning Procedure

Continuing from the previous blog, we will now move on to the actual process of cleaning a grease trap.

Restaurant owners or managers must always see to it that their grease traps are cleaned regularly. This is to prevent the fats, oils and grease from building up and restrict drain flow. In time, it could be felt through very foul odors which can be bad for your business. Moreover, failing to clean the grease trap may also cause the grease and food wastes to enter the municipal water system which can put you and your restaurant in trouble. Continue reading “Step-by-Step Grease Trap Cleaning Procedure”

Pit Toilets and Vault Toilets: Pros and Cons

In our homes, it is common to install toilets connected to a well-designed septic system or a sewer. However, for campgrounds, recreational areas or remote nonresidential areas, installing a traditional toilet can be impossible because of the lack of waste facilities.

In places like parks and other remote areas, they use either vault toilets and pit toilets.

In this blog, we will be comparing these two along with their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading “Pit Toilets and Vault Toilets: Pros and Cons”