Everyday Objects that You Should Avoid Flushing Down Your Septic System

Your septic system is a sensitive piece of hardware. You may laugh at this thought because of its main use of taking away your waste and pushing it into a sewer. However, it can actually be very easy to damage and harm its effective lifespan of the entire system. One quick way to destroy your septic system is to flush down things that aren’t supposed to be flushed.

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Septic Tank Maintenance Tips You Should Know

With the septic tank playing an integral role in making sure that your home or business stays clean, it only makes sense that you keep it maintained. If it were to fail at the worst time, you could have sewage flowing through your living room floor or the dining area where your customers are. Either way, it can be a disaster that can be avoided with good septic tank maintenance.

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4 Signs of A Grease Trap Failure

For many food service business owners, the grease trap is an important part of business. It helps make sure that fats, oils and grease that come from friers, grills and other cooking implements are disposed of. You’re going to expect a lot of problems cropping up when you experience a grease trap failure in the middle of service.

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The Main Causes of Septic Tank Problems

Your septic tank is an important fixture in any home and business. However, this essential part of home cleanliness can end up becoming a ticking time bomb that can ruin your day and your business. Overflowing, and awful smells are the least of your worries if you leave your septic tank alone. The best way to keep this from happening is to make sure that you know what causes these disgusting septic tank problems. 

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Common Reasons for Septic Tank Failure

Having your septic tank regularly checked for issues is an important part of being a good home or business owner. You wouldn’t want it failing on you at any time. Not just because of the awful smell and filth that will be everywhere if it does fail, but also because of the amount of trouble you’re going to need to go through if it does fail. However, your septic tank still fails despite your best efforts and there’s sewage everywhere. You might be thinking what you could have done to prevent the accident and what could have caused such a crappy disaster.

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