Are Pit Treatment Chemicals Safe?

Composting and pit toilets can be really daunting to use, especially for beginners. Since you are dealing with waste, you have to make sure that you know how to properly sanitize your toilets and handle wastes.

It's a continuous debate on using organic and chemical pit treatments. But the argument all goes down to one single question: Are Pit Treatment chemicals safe to use?

To answer that question, it really depends on what chemicals are being used.

You have to keep in mind though, that not all pit treatment chemicals are not hazardous. Some really work in eliminating the foul odor, helps in the overall composting process, and are very hygienic.

In fact, some pit treatment chemicals can also attack fly larvae to reduce fly population.

Choosing Pit Treatment Chemicals

#1: Check what those chemicals are made of

Before using anything, make sure that you know what these products are made of. Avoid products with harmful chemicals like mercury and formaldehyde.

#2: Make sure they're government approved

Here at Microbialogic, all of our products are government licensed and approved. We  make sure that they are 100% safe and effective in not only removing the smell but also sanitize the toilets and contain the bacteria.

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