Self-dissolving BioPacks biologically prevents odor formation while accelerating the waste digestion process in manure lagoons, pits, ponds and tanks.

At a concentration of 5 billion per gram, each 4oz water-soluble BioPack contains 500 billion beneficial bacteria. Working in conjunction with the existing bacteria in the manure, BioPacks increases the efficiency of the degradation process. Bubbling, foaming and churning in the manure liquids will be self evident within a few weeks after starting treatment. BioPacks are not magic, it’s biology at work.

Application is simple. Throw packs directly into waste containment structure or drop into waste stream that flows to it. As long as you have cows and those cows are producing manure, BioPacks must be applied EVERY WEEK for optimum preformance.

Use just one pack every week to treat the manure from 100 cows.