A Primer on RV Tanks and Toilets

Recreational vehicles (RV) are perfect companions for camping and travel. Travel is more fun and enjoyable when using an RV. However, all RV owners must also admit that to fully enjoy the experience, there are maintenance chores that should be done.

One of these maintenance chores is by keeping both the toilets and tanks clean.

An RV toilet should not only accommodate your needs but should also able to withstand the mobility of an RV. Bumpy roads should not be an issue.

Typically, you can find two types of toilets in most recreational vehicles: a portable toilet and a fixed toilet.

A portable toilet or a porta potty basically has two parts. There is the bowl and the waste collecting bin. These are usually made of plastic. Smaller built RVs usually have porta potties.

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While porta potties can save space in an RV, manual emptying is required. It is best if manual emptying is done regularly to avoid inconvenience and discomfort later.

Larger RVs usually have showers and fixed toilets along. These fixed toilets can be made from porcelain which is less likely to stain. Wastes from the toilet are collected in a black water tank which can be emptied from the outside of the RV.

There are usually three water tanks present in RVs: white water tank, grey water tank, and the black water tank.

The white water tank is simply where the fresh water for the kitchen and bathroom is stored. This should always be clean.

Next is the grey water tank. Water coming from the drain of the bathroom and kitchen is collected here. It’s advisable to clean this tank at least annually to avoid foul smells.

The black water tank is where all the waste from the toilet goes. The maintenance of this water tank is critical. There are standard techniques in emptying and cleaning it.

It’s also worth noting that there are also several tank treatments available for the black water tank. These treatments will help in the breaking down of waste and the elimination of foul odors.

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