6 Easy Ways to Manage Foul Bathroom Odor

Bathrooms are a place where we are supposed to do our “business” with comfort and relaxation. But, we cannot achieve this if our bathrooms stink. In order to reclaim this solemn space, we need to start taking some actions in managing the foul odor of our toilets.

1. Regularly clean

The most basic and important thing to do is to clean your bathroom on a regular basis. Flushing the toilet is not enough. Make sure that you clean the entire bathroom including the crevices. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time. Since bathrooms are often damp, the dirt can develop into molds that produce a bad odor. 

When cleaning, use a toilet brush with bleach. Do not forget to wipe the floor and sink in order to remove any buildup of dirt.

2. Light a candle

Burn a scented candle so you can hide the smell when excreting. You can do this right after using the bathroom. Make sure that you do not exceed 30 minutes when doing this. You have to be extra careful not to place the candle near curtains and other flammable objects inside the bathroom.

3. Remove any mold and mildew

Mold and mildew have a pungent smell. An accumulation of these in your bathroom will surely stink up the place. Remove any mold and mildew that form in between tile pieces on the floor and walls. 

There are many cleaning products that can remove mold and mildew effectively. However, some of these products are composed of strong chemicals that can also harm your and your family’s health. Opt for a natural cleaning solution that can effectively remove mold and mildew, and can also be good for your health.

4. Increase airflow

Either you have just recently used the bathroom or you have not used it for a long time, increasing airflow is essential in removing bad odor. To increase the airflow, you can choose several options depending on the layout of your bathroom and its position relative to the whole house or structure.

When the bathroom is adjacent to an outside yard, you can opt to open the windows to allow air to come in and out of the bathroom. If there are no windows, you can install an exhaust fan.

5. Buy an air purifier

Air purifiers are effective tools to use in cleaning the air of a particular area. They can remove the microscopic germs and allergens that float in the air. However, be mindful that air purifiers can only clean the air. This means that they can only remove the foul odor in your bathroom temporarily. You still have to find the source of the foul odor and remove it. 

6. Find the source

Foul bathroom odor does not just occur naturally. It is usually caused by a particular source inside the bathroom such as lavatory sinks, toilets, and other drainages. These are the common sources of foul odor because they are the conduits for wastewater and other solid or liquid wastes. They also sometimes get clogged which accumulates dirt, grime, and other materials that emit stench.

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