5 Proven ways on how to maintain a great septic system

For many, the septic system remains a puzzle. It is something that we do not think about and just faces when it becomes an issue. But, maintaining a septic system can be easier than you think. Follow these easy and simple steps, and you will surely have fewer problems with the septic system of your home

Understand how the system works

The first step towards maintaining a septic system is to understand how it works. State laws require a permit before an installation which means that you can likely request a map of the layout and location of your tank. 

Another option is to look for a sewer cover or sewer pipes just so you have an idea of where the septic system is placed. From there, you would be able to examine the physical condition of the system from time to time.

Treat it with care

Much like any part of your home, your septic system must be used with care. This means that when you are using the toilet, you should not flush items that are non-biodegradable. This includes tissues, diapers, floss, feminine products, and many other items.

When using toilet paper, make sure that they are specifically designed to break down. If they do not, they will clog the pipes and will eventually damage your septic system. Remember that it is more expensive to spend in repairing your septic system than buying the right products for your toilet. 

Ensure the safety of your leach field

A leach field is an important part of your septic system because it filters the wastewater coming from your tank into the soil. It drains the liquids from the separated solid waste. When this mechanism is not protected, solid waste may build up and clog your septic system. 

To ensure the safety of your leach field, keep in mind not to park any vehicle on top of it. Also, do not plant any tree or shrub near the field because the roots can damage the underground pipes.

Avoid strong chemicals

Strong chemicals can be found in your household cleaning products like drain cleaners and antibacterial disinfectants. They should not be used in your household because they go to your septic system and harm the millions of good bacteria that help in decomposition.

Aside from harming the good bacteria, strong chemicals can also damage your tank. Do away with these harsh chemicals and use alternative mechanical drain cleaners such as toilet drain snakes to fix clogs.

Opt for natural treatment

Maintaining your septic system requires care and attention. You cannot just clean your tank with any cleaning solution which can be harmful and damaging. The same goes for your household drains which are directly connected to your septic system.

Choose natural cleaning products that are safe for your tank, as well as the environment. These natural treatments do not harm the good bacteria that help your septic tank do its work. It also does do any physical damage to your tank. The treated wastewater that drains from your tank will also be safe for the soil and the nearby environment. 

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