5 misconceptions about RV toilets

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You have probably heard a lot of negative remarks about RV toilets. Though some have had bad encounters with them, a lot of the information you’re reading online are probably exaggerations or outright lies. 

For everyone who has been in a recreational vehicle otherwise known as an RV, they would tell you that having toilets inside is a great source of comfort. Below are some of the other misconceptions you have about them.

RV toilets are unnecessary

Some RV users forgo toilets in the vehicle because they can just do their business at a stopover or in the (dis)comfort of nature. However, toilets within the vehicle can be useful in crucial circumstances such as emergency situations and lack of nearby alternatives.

RV toilets are necessary because they provide easy access to a toilet facility whether you are in transit or not. Long highways with no stopovers can ruin the adventure and recreation you aim for when you have to hold it in. In this sense,  RV toilets do not just spoil the fun in your RV adventure, it also ensures that your excretory system is working smoothly.

RV toilets stink

Unpopular as it may seem, toilets can become a pleasant subject, literally. RV toilets, in particular, have a bad rap for being stinky because of improper management and disposal of waste buildup. RV toilets do not have to stink. One only needs to know what to do and what to use to properly manage RV toilets.

RV toilets will not stink if the buildup in the black tank is regularly disposed of. There are also some RV toilets that double as compost pits which make beneficial use of human waste. Some companies even offer safe and natural bacterial bioaugmentation products that help in decomposing waste and making your RV toilets clean and odorless. https://microbialogic.com/a-primer-on-rv-tanks-and-toilets/

You have to clean your own waste

Aside from hiring someone to clean your own waste from an RV toilet, another thing that you can do is to turn the black tank into a compost pit that decomposes the waste naturally. You don’t have to clean your own waste, a specialized strain of bacteria can do it for you. 

You can’t use a toilet paper

RV companies have devised a toilet paper that easily breaks down compared to normal household toilet papers. Toilet papers can definitely be used in RVs. However, you must be cautious that you are using the right material to prevent any clogs. 

They are difficult to install

If you have to install your own RV toilet, you might face a learning curve. Installing one needs proper planning and preparation. If you do not want to experience this trouble, an easy solution is to contact companies which are experts in RV toilet installations. 

To maintain that your toilet is in proper condition and that your entire RV remains smelling good, you might need the help of professionals who can safely treat your waste. 

Final thoughts

RV toilets are necessary and easy-to-manage facilities in your vehicles. Don’t take the hassle of unplanned stopovers. RV toilets add convenience to your fun and recreational activities in the RV. When nature calls, you must answer it!

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