5 Common Septic Tank Problems and How to Fix Them

When there is a problem with your septic tank, chances are you won’t be able to detect it easily. If your septic tank was well designed it can last for so many years without causing any problem. Here are 5 common septic tank problems and how to fix them.

The most common problem is when the septic tank is filled with solid waste. If your septic tank is regularly being pumped then you won’t be dealing with this problem. But clogs are not just caused by solid waste accumulation. Often times, we force materials into our septic tanks that fill it up easily.Remedy: Regularly pump your septic tanks.

2.Tree Roots
Roots can be very sneaky. It can penetrate through the soil and worm its way to the septic tank or the pipes that are attached to it.
Remedy: It should be preventive rather than a remedy. Septic tanks should not be placed near trees and shrubs.

3.Excess water
If you use water excessively this can cause your tank to overflow. This disrupts the process of breaking down the solid waste. When the water level becomes so high it pushes the solid matter out of the tank and into the tubes that are meant only for liquids. This effectively blocks the tubes.
Remedy: Divert other water-waste to a different pipeline. If all your water waste goes into the septic tank chances are it will overflow.

4.Ground movement
The ground beneath us moves periodically without us even knowing it. This movement can sometimes be strong enough to shift the soil and cause crack on the septic tank in cases of concrete and dents if plastic or steel.
Remedy: This is a force of nature and can’t be remedied other than by replacing the septic tank.

5.Line Leaks
This can be caused by different factors but the most common of all is clogs. If the pipeline is clog chances are the line will start to leak and might even burst.
Remedy: Dip pipes can be refitted and clogs can be removed.

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