5 Common Myths on Septic System Maintenance

A fully functional septic system is important for every household. However, many homeowners are still overlooking its proper maintenance. Without appropriate care, septic systems can bring serious problems and also become a health hazard as it compromises the quality of your water.

Even if you have the will to take care of your septic system, if everything you have been believing in are all misconceptions, then you are still contributing to your septic system’s failure.

Continue reading and discover the common myths that revolve around septic system maintenance.

Myth # 1:

As long as it does not show signs of problems, you have nothing to worry about your septic system.

Just by thinking that your septic system is all fine just because it doesn’t show signs of damages, you are already contributing to your system’s failure.

A septic system needs to be inspected and pumped regularly if you want to stay away from septic system problems and all the inconvenience they can lead to.

Myth # 2:

Your family’s water consumption and usage does not affect the septic system.

Are your pipes intact? Are you doing huge loads of laundry every time? The levels of effluent that goes into your septic tanks also increase when there is an increased water usage.

This will require more frequent pumping. As a homeowner, you should be mindful of you water usage and your plumbing fixtures.

Myth # 3

Bacteria additives are not good for your septic system.

Solid wastes and other wastes in the septic tank are digested and broken down by bacteria. So it just makes perfect sense to apply bacteria additives to help your septic system break down wastes, grease and oils for its proper operation.

Myth # 4

Strong chemicals won’t affect your septic system.

As mentioned earlier, our septic systems are full of bacteria.

These bacteria are significant in breaking down wastes. If toxic chemicals are introduced to the system, there can be an imbalance in the levels of bacteria.
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