4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Portable Potties Clean

Renting portable potties for a one or two-day event requires minimum effort to maintain.  You just need to consider the number of portable potties to be rented. You don’t have to stress about the cleaning because it will be the toilet company who will be responsible for that.

However, it is entirely different when hosting an event that lasts for a longer period, let’s say for a whole month. Aside from coping for regular toilet usage for the whole month, there are also external factors such as the mess due to bad weather conditions.

You have the option to call a professional cleaning and sanitation service provider to fix it for you but there are still numerous things for you to do when renting out porta potties because as we all know, porta potties can be really dirty most of the time.

Here are four simple tips to keep your porta potties clean.
  1. Rent enough portable potties for your event.

Face it, we all have experienced going to an outdoor event with overused portable restrooms. While it is common, we may avoid this kind of situation by making sure that the number of portable potties can serve the expected number of crowd. It is ideal if we base on a 1:100 ratio of restroom to people.
  1. Make sure that they are placed strategically to have balanced usage. 

Another thing to consider is the best spot to place those portable restrooms. It will be difficult to maintain if these restrooms are in just one area. It is better if they are strategically located throughout the event place.
  1. You can get cleaning tablets for the portable toilets

Unpleasant odor is one of the major turn-offs in portable restrooms. Cleaning tablets can be the solution to this. While it won’t be able to clean the toilet but it will definitely help in reducing the odor. A cleaning tablet can last up to one month.
  1. Regularly check for supplies for your portable restrooms.

It is important to have these portable restrooms well-stocked. Portable potties should have enough supplies of paper tissue, hand sanitizer, cleaning tablets and air freshener. You can also opt for other organic solutions to keep it environmental friendly. This gesture could keep your restrooms in good shape avoiding to call emergency services that will cost you more.
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